Broedmachine Rcom Maru Deluxe 100 Max

1 329,00

Naam: Rcom Maru Delux 100 Max

Capaciteit:  96 kippen eieren

Temp. Control: Automatisch

Temp. Limieten: 20~42C° / 68~107.6°F

Vocht controle: Automatisch

Vocht limiet: 30%~70%

Keersysteem: automatisch

Display: FND

Voeding: 120v

Afmetingen: 484*637*414mm

Gewicht: 31Kg


Automatic Temperature & Humidity control
MARU 100 Deluxe can be controlled precise temperature/humidity setting and provided the tailored incubation environment.
Smart dial system
Improving durability by applying easy-to-use jog-dial method.
Automatic egg-turning function
MARU DELUXE MAX 100 turns automatically according to the setting.
* Turning angle : 0, 180˚ (±5˚) Each layer's egg turning ON/OFF
* Egg-turning stop setting necessary 3 days before hatching day.
Universal tray + Aluminum divider
for Slide type only
You can incubate various sized eggs at the same time by controlling the space of divider.
PTC heating type humidity unit
Excellent durability and heat efficiency by applying PTC heater and maintenance of safe humidification
effect without overheating.
Superb high density foam board
(Minimizing temperature deviation with the air flow technology)
Increased temperature stability and energy efficiency by using high-density insulated board.
Minimized inside temperature difference through the air-flow simulation.
LED indoor light
LED indoor light can be easy to check egg condition.
Door open detection
Built-in 'open-door detection' micro switch to prevent temporary temperature variation
while opening and closing the door.
FND Display
Large FND display for easy to check various information.
Air Vent (Air Controlling Lever)
Front and Top Air vents allow fresh air flow into the inside incubator.
Abnormal temperature (High & Low) alarm
for external temperature change
MARU DELUXE MAX 100 notifies you when occurring abnormal temperature.
Clean and transparent large view window
View window for minimizing the influence of outside temperature and seeing inside the incubator.