Broedmachine Rcom 20 max


Naam: Rcom MAX 20

Capaciteit: 20 kippen eieren

Temp. Control: Automatisch

Temp. Limieten: 20~42C° / 68~107.6°F

Vocht controle: Automatisch

Vocht limiet: 20%~70%

Keersysteem: automatisch

Display: FND

Voeding: 12v adapter

Afmetingen: 500*410*160mm

Gewicht: 5.5Kg


Automatic Temperature & Humidity control
Adjusting the temperature for hatching, are you worried?
Rcom MAX 20, which has been applied AUTOELEX's very one and only long-standing incubation technology carefully checks
and adjusts the set temperature and humidity.
Automatic egg-turning function
Rcom MAX 20 turns automatically according to the settings
and low-noise stepping egg-turning motor.
* Egg-turning stop setting necessary 3 days before hatching day.
Universal tray + Divider set included
A universal tray + divider set is included which can be used by adjusting the divider interval according to the egg size,
so can hatch a various eggs at once.
* Small egg tray, standard egg tray, large egg tray, rolling divider sold separately.
Slide plate with embossed feature
for preventing skid
The egg-turning plate where the newborn bird steps on is embossed with an anti-slip treatment to prevent leg deformity.
FND Display
You can check various information through the large FND window.

Alarm when water need replenishing
and buzzer with abnormal conditions
There is no need to check the water shortage often. Rcom MAX 20 notifies you when water is low, so you can easily determine the condition
and alarm sounds when abnormal temperature occurs.
* Incubation data memory function and power outage notification function in case of power failure.​
High-reliability incubator for hatching
of rare birds
Incubation environment except for general poultry is controlled automatically.
Body locking device
The main body can be easily detached for convenient cleaning
Double-glazed view window
Double-glazed view window for minimizing the influence of outside temperature.